2x professional photographers from bridal prep until first dance
Image retouching, flawless skin and glossy magazine quality images
Online gallery to view and share and download your images and videos
full invoice and consultation


Videography add-on

Videography from bridal prep until first dance, when added on the photography package above
Multiple angle recording & post production
All media provided on a TV compatible USB as well as indefinate hosting of all video media, available to download.

£800 (total £2000)

tailered media package

All day photography with a highlights video
All day videography with an hour of photography after your ceremony for formal family groups and some bride and group portraits
(the "wow shots!")


FOR Video Only please Contact Me


How do you photograph weddings?

Having shot to A LOT of weddings over the last 15 years you'll usually find me in the thick of it and one step ahead of the events as they unfold. Most of the day we shoot candidly (it's your wedding, not my photoshoot!) but then we'll lead and position you nad your guests during your group and formal shots. When we take you both off for some portraits we keep it lighthearted and fun whilst appreciating that that's the 1st part of your day where you get to be together away from your guests and you'll probably be keen to exchange notes! Its those natural moments that we want to capture. Most of the time you won't know you were being photographed or videoed, we'll just position you when we need to and guide when necessary to maximise on composition and light.
I've learned to light any situation, there's not backdrop I can't capitalise on using remote flash systems, video lighting. The more challenging the weather and light, more more creative I tend to get!
Hopefully we'll get a sunset in the evening and can get you back out there for some more "wow shots".

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm based on the Nottingham - Derby border near J26 of the M1. I cover from South Yorks all the way down to Northampton, cover all of the East Midlands and Midlands. I will however often discount for local commissions, price of fuel huh!
We do cover weddings much further afield but this would require a hotel on the night before; This is down the risk of travel delay, I don't want to miss a minute!

When will we get our photos?

In peak season my turnaround time is 4-8 weeks (obviously depending on what media services we're commissioned for affects post production time).
Out of season I have all of your images/video back to you within 4 weeks. Because we off bespoke photography and videography packages, weekend dates tend to be booked up 12-18 months in advance for peak season.

How many pictures will we receive?

Every wedding is different in size, attendance and location(s), but I always have a remit of a minimum of 400 images, although I've handed over a thousand before where there's been a lot of activities like singing waiters, fire breathers and other performances.